The trademark "Startec" (STC) was registered in 2005. Establishing relationships with reliable manufacturers, an effective quality control system, flexible pricing policy, and a growing demand for products with a unique combination of such characteristics as price / quality ratio have allowed Startec (STC) to occupy a solid niche in the European and Russian markets.

High quality products under the brand «Startec» (STC) could initially be felt on such product lines as fittings, sensors and connecting tubes. The development of the brand "Startec" (STC) and the access to manufacturers of high-quality bearing products allowed the company to expand the range of products offered to customers.

Currently, under the trademark "Startec" (STC), a wide range of bearings is offered, which are manufactured exclusively in factories and plants that comply with ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

Reliable manufacturers and control tests of each delivery guarantee the stability of a high level of quality.

Cooperating with the world's leading manufacturers,
we will ensure the prosperity of your business!